Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Full Disclosure", Wednesday, November 10th 2010

Full Disclosure
A Film By Brian Palmer
A riveting account of journalist-filmmaker Palmer's time embedded with the Marines in Iraq. 

Filmmaker/journalist Palmer embedded with the U.S. Marines in Iraq three times.  With insightful commentary, Palmer captures the terror as well as the tedium of U.S. occupation.  In the film, he shows moments when U.S. troops, young men trined to fight who speak no Arabic, move among Iraqi civilians hunting for elusive enemies.  The results are often benigh, and sometimes tragic. After the screening, filmmaker and editor Sabrina Schmidt Gordon moderates a discussion with Palmer, followed by a wine and cheese reception. Tickets $10

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bilal's Stand, Monday, October 25th 2010

Based on a true story, "Bilal's Stand" is about a Detroit high-school senior (Bilal) and his family’s long-owned taxi stand. “The Stand,” as they call it, has been the source of all activity and income for the family for the last sixty years, and it seems as though Bílal is about to carry the torch. However, after secretly submitting a college application and taking up ice carving in order to win a scholarship, he is forced to decide whether he will continue working at The Stand–the only life he’s ever known–or take a step toward social mobility.

Screening followed by a Q&A session with filmmaker and reception.

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For more information visit or call 212.281.9240 ext

Harlem Stage
The Gatehouse
150 Convent Avenue (at W. 135th Street)
New York, NY 10037

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